Stadtbäckerei Rahn [EN]

Tradition since 1953

We are baking your daily bread since over 60 years.

The bakery-café Rahn is baking in second generation specialties for you. 1953 founded by Udo Rahn´s parents, as a little baker shop. The first milestone in company history. 1982 Udo Rahn and his wife bought the house adjoining to the baker shop. This particular building was built in 1505 and historians assume it has been a medieval trading hall market.

Teampicture 1985

Between 1982 and 1985 the building has been elaborate restored to his original and is now the café. 1985 shop and café have been joined together.
In the same year Udo Rahn and his wife took over the family company. In process of time a second bake-shop has been opened in Jahnstrasse with a small café of 20 seats.
The bakery-café Rahn is an apprenticeship company. At the moment with 21 employees: bakers, pastry chef, trainees, waitresses and specialized shop assistants.

Teampicture 1995

In 2017, the cafe was renovated and adapted to a more modern flair, new seating, upholstery, lamps and a fresh coat of paint underline the medieval ambience of the former merchant’s hall. Lovingly the scratching plasterboards remind of the past of Alsfeld and the homeowners. A must see for every Alsfeld visitor.

Teampicture 2018